Working from home and promoting a remote-first environment is something that we are very familiar with at AddCode. However, with the coronavirus pandemic, it’s a little bit different because we are spending each second of our days at home. Do you know who is delighted with this reality? Our lovely pets!

We’ve been discovering that the silver lining of being stuck at home is the opportunity to spend some more quality time with our beloved friends and having them camped on our lap/neck/back/belly (or any other part of the body, you name it) during our daily work.

So, we thought that was about time to present our critters to the world and we’ve been asking all our employees to share a photo of their four-legged buddies. We mean, this is the kind of content we all need right now (or at least us, we’ll give you that!). We got some pics of cats, cats and cats. Some more cats and eventually – just because – 4 dogs and 2 hamsters. Well… we guess by now we all know who is running the world, right?

Here are the stars of AddCode! They are cute as heck 🙂

< Chewie >

Chewie already set up his morning routine and it’s quite simple: e-mails first and a little nap next. (Yes, we can ensure there’s no forced labor evolved. Just natural talent).

< Freddie >

Others may need a little bit more time… Here we have our sleepyhead, Mr. Freddie, before his cup of coffee.  After that, he’s pure energy and charm.

< Luna >

Luna, the believer. The sweet girl that every morning spreads good vibes through her home office. Today she looks a bit grumpy, perhaps because we are annoying her with this description. Sorry, Luna. Keep up the good work!

< Minnie >

Minnie seems a bit shy, but in fact she’s looking forward to putting her little paws on a keyboard and start writing some cool slack messages to everyone. Deep down in her heart, she’s a party animal.

< Riscas >

Riscas is doing a training session with his human. Or maybe just asking for some cuddling. We guess we’ll never know.

< Mike >

Mike has been all morning on boring meetings and just needed a break to recover. Let’s be clear – by break he meant the whole afternoon. Do not disturb him, please!

< Lolita >

Lolita is the real boss. Who can resist her charming and respectful face on a client meeting? Not us, for sure! *blink*  

< Eddie & Hedwig >

Eddie & Hedwig are real team players and the co-workers we all wish to have by our side. Always there to support who may need even if it means to take a picture in the middle of the night to put on the company’s blog.

< Chico >

Chico wants to make a big announcement: “I officially declare that from now on must be allowed to have pets in the office every day!”.

< Ronaldo >

Seems like Ronaldo just wants to hang out on the couch and is not very eager to work today. Too cute to report to his line manager tough.

< Sofia >

“Today the lunch is on me. It’s tuna salad with catisfactions on top. Miauuuuuu”.

< Isis >

Let’s meet our beautiful lady Isis. Raise your hand if you never felt full after a Friday team lunch.

< Nobita >

Some people have the talent to manage several things at the same time. Nobita is one of them. Props to this ninja cat.

< Joana >

Joana is enjoying just another day at the office. She likes to sunbathe in the afternoon when the sun is not so hot. Can we join you, sweetie?

< Simone >

Simone is doing her best to be hired by AddCode. Apart from being very professional (look at her posture!), she already has her own mug to make a toast with her future team.

< Chica >

Although most of these co-workers seems to be quite happy to have us 24/7 at home, Chica is a bit moody instead. She is a queen and the queen must have the entire house for herself. We get it, Chica, we get it.

< Lilica >

Please, watch Lilica eating his favorite meal. He really knows the golden rule when we are working from home: doing some breaks and eat well. A big shout out to healthiest guy in the house!

< Kyubi >

Kyubi, the fluffy heartbreaker. This tortie kitten is trying very hard to hypnotize her daddy so that he’ll be playing all day long with her. Purrfect!

< Finn, Oliver & Morty >

Finn, Oliver & Morty – the AddCode brotherhood – decided to take a break at the same time in the best spot of the office. Who’s is going to fix the bug now?

< Chucky >

Parental advisory: Explicit content ahead! Sometimes Chucky also has a bad day and all he wants to do is roll on the ground as nobody is watching him.

< Snow >

Well… it seems that Snow is still living back in the 90’s. Welcome to 2020, girl!

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